A B1 (707x1000 mm) sized screen print of a variation on my branding, combining iconic design with part of my background as an engineer. The poster is printed 20 times, including variations on color.

Tomas Knipscheer, Portfolio ©2012

Photography 3D animation/concept drawing/audio Branding/DTP Photography/ photomanipulation 3D modeling/rendering Branding Branding 3D modeling/experiment/ illustration/audio Branding/webdesign/ photography Product design Product design Packaging design 3D modeling/rendering/ material exploration
Tomas Knipscheer, Portfolio ©2012


Online portfolio of Tomas Knipscheer, self-proclaimed visual, UI, and audio designer.

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Below you find an overview of some past and current projects. The projects differ from visual design, including branding, 3d-rendering, print- and webdesign, to audio and product design. Every project can include multiple works, also multiple types of works, based on the scope of the project. Visit the website on a computer to see more.